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Massage Workshops in Schools

Provided by WFS

The wonderful Benefits of Peer Massage Sessions

Some of the many benefits include: - Diminished aggression - Enhance behavioural issues - Aids in lessening Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - (ADHD) symptoms. - Alleviates feelings of anxiety - Addresses insomnia This all equates to happy and more focussed children.


Typically we deliver sessions of 30 minutes per class. A tailored 6 weeks programme can also be delivered.

Age Groups

All Year Groups

Introducing Children to various Massage Techniques

Our Workshops are held in Schools where participants, fully clothed, experience Swedish-inspired techniques.  In over 1,000 British Primary Schools today, students devote 10 minutes on a daily basis to massage or tracing shapes on their partners head, shoulders, neck and back. These sessions enhance relaxation, trust and respect counteracting bullying and reintroducing the benefits of positive touch.  Our sessions are designed for Primary Schools but are adaptable at all levels. 


Prices will vary depending on your requirements. Please submit an enquiry below to obtain a quote.


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workshops for schools and nurseries and clubs accross the curriculum . Virtual and in person with  artists, teachers and experienced practioners
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Welcome to WFS Workshops for Schools and Nurseries! We offer a tailor made service to provide your school or classroom with any workshop you require. Whether it be curriculum based, or you're catering for a special event or holiday camp, we can personally arrange this to the highest quality! We have over 18 years experience in providing workshops to schools. However, we not only provide the workshops, we ensure the whole day/event runs smoothly so you don't have to do anything! You can even get involved with the workshops yourself! Take a look at our website to find out what we are currently promoting, and if you can't see what you're looking for, or you would like something specific then get in touch now!

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