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Second World War School Workshops

World War 2 Workshop

The day typically unfolds after listening to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s speech of September 1939 on a period wireless set, and identifying the enemy’s flag. We explore life on the Home Front, the reasons behind the conflict, Hitler’s rise to power, Winston Churchill, identifying friend and foe,, life during the Blitz, rationing, Air Raid procedures, technological advancements during the war, and the Final Solution. All with hundreds of artefacts, roleplay, and mystery object identification. We provide individual background character sheets for every student for exploration of various second World War topics – over 30 unique character cards, all different, with 1930s names / WW2 detective game. We end the day with our very special ‘Home Guard Training Course’ . A truly memorable day!

Age Groups

Y5 - Y13

Example Character card

One of 35 ww2 character cards developed for role play by us.


Elizabeth Althorpe card 1

Example questionnaire

One of 35 sets of questions specifically written for our ww2 study day. All require the students to do research into their own character, with the class coming together after the workshop to discuss all their characters, and what happened to their family during the war.  All names are fictional, but based on real life experiences


Reverse of Elizabeth Althorpe card

Video short

Short video of some of the items brought into school



Costs start at £650 for 2 presenters.

Travel charged at cost- POA




Many, Various
School workshops from Black Knight Historical

Established in 2003, with over 30 years experience in delivering school workshops and historical events, Ian and team travel all over the country with an amazing range of 25 workshops coverning pre-history through to the Second World War. Stone to Iron Romans and Boudicca Anglo Saxons and Vikings 1066 and all that... Medieval Times Castles Tudors - with Henry VIII and Queen Katherine Parr Elizabethan life & times, presented by Queen Elizabeth 1 Witchcraft, Civil War and Gunpowder Plot Georgians Pirates Victorians World War 1 World War 2 Ancient Greece Ancient Egypt Witches and Wizards Monarchs - as many as required for a unique school workshop eg Canute, William the Conqueror, King John, Edward III, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Victoria NEW FOR 2024-25 AZTECS, INCA & MAYANS.


Either 2 large classrooms if presenters are working individually, or a Hall [free all day] if working together- we bring a van full of items!


Event Days
Armistice Day, Remembrance Day
Available Regions

Anywhere in England

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