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Bridge Building Workshop

Learn bridge engineering in classrooms

This workshop contains hands-on practical work to understand concepts in bridge engineering. It's one of our most popular workshops and covers various bridges, such as arch, beam, cantilever, suspension, and truss bridges. Students will also learn how load transfers occur in bridges and how to design a stable bridge.


We can deliver sessions in parallel.
1 instructor can deliver the following in a full day:
Primary: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins
(30 students per session)
Secondary+: 5 sessions x 1 hr
(20 students per session)
Contact us for larger events.

Age Group

All Year Groups

Paper Bridges

We will start the day with a demonstration to paper bridges. Students will learn how to design a strong paper bridge.


Bridge Models

Students will be challenged to design a bridge using modelling parts to meets a given specification. They will have to produce calculations and use problem solving skills to complete the task.


Truss Bridges

Students will learn how adding trusses to bridges can make them stronger with our models.


Typical Workshop Day*

Usually, we will reset the session and repeat it for more groups of children on the same day. On occasions, we will end the day with a street-dance performance.

* The activities may vary on the day depending on the length of the workshops and the age and ability of the students.


My favourite workshop.
The speaker was very enthusiastic and was able to answer loads of questions.
It was fun and engaging.
I like the problem solving aspect of this.

Students, Seaford College

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