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Tudor History workshops for Schools

Provided by WFS

Tudor Dance & Music History Workshops

Our workshops immerse children in history through Tudor dances, traditional songs, and the Great Fire of London. They include dynamic activities like role play, storytelling, and hands-on projects. Highlights include creating Tudor dance routines, singing Tudor songs, building a model of pre-fire London, and experiencing life in the 17th century through character-driven narratives.

Age Groups

All Year Groups

Tudor Music & Dance Workshops

Using engaging and imaginative dance and drama techniques, children will have the chance to create their very own Tudor dance set to traditional music from that era. This workshop is most effective for groups with some prior knowledge of Tudor history.


Starting with images and music from Tudor times, children will bring history to life by learning a traditional Tudor dance and then crafting their own. We'll focus on shape, sequence, and repetition in our work, incorporating traditional sequence and baroque movements to help form our routines.


The workshop will kick off with a warm-up, followed by a taught routine. Participants will then engage in a group task to create their own sequences inspired by original Tudor shapes and movements. If desired, the final dance can be shared at the end of the session or day with other classes in the school.


The workshops will feature games, movement improvisation tasks, group activities, speaking and listening exercises, and role-playing opportunities. Through dynamic delivery and inspirational tasks, children will enjoy history, providing them with tangible experiences to draw upon in their writing.

Tudor - King Henry the VII Elizabeth 1

Workshops with a Storyteller John (Pastime and Good Company)

In this engaging and lively workshop, writer and storyteller John introduces the class to a variety of Tudor songs, both familiar and unfamiliar. Using his well-traveled mini-guitar, John will teach the group to sing one or two of these songs.

If time permits, this workshop can be combined with a Shakespeare session, where a short scene from a selected play is linked with the featured songs. Alternatively, based on the songs learned earlier, the class can collaborate with John to write, perform, and record their own original "Tudor" song.

The Great Fire of London

Children will create a model of Bread Street, a fictitious yet typical pre-fire London street. Each child will have a model house to customise by adding windows, beams, shop signs, people, carts, animals, and more before cutting out and gluing the pieces together. A church and a large merchant’s house will also be provided. All buildings will be placed or stuck onto a specially designed baseboard, taking around 40-50 minutes. Both classes can work on their street simultaneously. Later, tissue paper flames will engulf the model.


This is usually the beginning of a day filled with activities, also covering the Plague and the Great Fire. The next activity involves bringing the street to life by creating soundscapes. Children will work in teams of about eight to recreate the sounds of a London street: vendors' street cries, working noises, church bells, animals, etc. This activity also takes about 40 minutes.


Alternatively, there is a bucket chain gang game where teams compete to see who can get the most ‘water’ onto the fire from a stand pump.


Additionally, children can build another model of Bread Street, this time as it would have been rebuilt after the fire, featuring brick terraced houses. This activity is usually left for a later date.


The Story of the Great Fire Workshop

A character from the 17th century will visit, sharing their story of the Great Fire of London. Children will learn about life in the 17th century, including clothing, food, jobs, the plague, and medical practices. Our actor speaks in a language understandable to modern young minds. We recommend a Dressing Up Day to immerse children in the experience. Activities include role plays, storytelling, problem-solving, and artifact handling. Each visit is tailored to suit the children's age and topic cycle. We require two tables for display, parking access, and ample space for activities, preferably in the hall for optimal engagement. If space is limited, we can adjust activities accordingly.

The great fire of london


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