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School Speakers

Professional speakers and dancers for corporate and educational events

Our speaking events are led by speakers who excel in their respective field, alongside professional street dancers. This exceptional blend of knowledge and entertainment ensures that the audience is left with an unforgettable experience. We proudly deliver captivating talks and performances across the globe.

Imperial College speech (above), school speakers, and dancers
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Meet Our Speakers

Speaker Topics


STEM Talks

(Science, Technology,
Engineering and
Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Inspire students to become scientists and engineers.
  • Women in STEM provided by Mona (space engineer).
  • Covers various STEM career paths.
  • Introduction to various fields of engineering.
  • Different presentations are available for primary and secondary schools.
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Mental Health

Secondary Schools and Universities
  • Inspire students to success through a unique story of overcoming mental health issues
    and adversity.
  • Story has been featured by UK Happiful Magazine and Mind Charity.
  • Tips for managing stress and passing exams.
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and Ceremonies

All Ages
  • Perfect send-off for students.
  • Motivational talk based on a unique life journey of becoming an engineer and a dancer.
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Sustainability and

Secondary Schools and Universities
  • A STEM talk focusing on environmental sustainability and building an economic system that's within the planet's carrying capacity of resources.
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Mixing Street-Dancing with Science for Fun School Assemblies

Our Highlights and School Performances from 2021

Science and Art

Looking for an engaging STEM speaker for schools? We can combine science with street-dancing to deliver entertaining school assemblies. For examples, we can throw in backflips, break-dancing windmills, and robotic movements when discussing topics such as forces and motion. Watch the video to see us in action at a school.

I was the Dancing Engineer (Short highlight of speech and dance)

Speaking to graduates at Imperial College and LSE


"Your speech was perfectly tailored to the audience and gave a strong and powerful message to our students about resilience and positivity.

"Your speech was clear, compelling, perfectly timed, and our students thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you-as did we"

I absolutely loved watching you dance at the end."

Viki Chinn, London School of Economics, Careers Consultant


Keep your students engaged with a unique inspiring story.


Your students will be in the hands of exceptional school speakers with knowledge from variety of backgrounds.


Our engagements include science demonstrations, videos and dance performances.

Previous Engagements


Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Imperial College and London School of Economics Graduation speech
  • University of Portsmouth
  • The University of Groningen
  • Engagements at schools with Inspiring the Future
  • Primary and Secondary school engagements across England (Balfour Primary School, Southmead Primary School, Latimer Arts College)
  • True Stories
  • Various Toastmaster clubs (Reached district
    level at Toastmaster's humorous speech contest)

Upcoming Engagements

  • Bedales Independent School
  • Independent School Association

School Assembly Contents

Science Assembly

Our science assembly for schools covers the following:

  • Lessons learned from our STEM journey
  • Inspire women into STEM with Mona (space engineer).
  • Why a job in STEM
  • Popular STEM jobs
  • Career Paths for STEM jobs (apprenticeships, diplomas, and university degrees)
  • Choosing between various career paths
  • Typical STEM degrees and Diplomas
  • CAD, manufacturing and analysis STEM Careers
  • What makes a good engineer or a scientist
  • Future of STEM (brief introduction to AI and machine learning)
  • Introduction to sustainability

Mental Health Assembly

Our mental health assembly for schools covers the following:

  • Our journey to become engineers and artists
  • Overcoming obstacles and failure
  • Achieving success
  • Identifying sources of stress and managing stress
  • Taking control of events in your life
  • Making sounds judgements
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Developing mental strength
  • Using compliments and dealing with negative opinions
  • Mapping a path to your goals and dreams

Graduation and Commencement Speech

Looking for a graduation and commencement speaker?
Here is what our keynote speech will cover:

  • Finding the motivation to overcoming obstacles and failure
  • Facing life difficulties outside of your control
  • Finding what you deserve
  • How to keep moving forward
  • What it means to be successful
  • A street-dance performance!

Sustainability and Future

This talk to inspire building a sustainable future will cover the following:

  • What sustainability means
  • What we learned from visiting sustainable places
  • The role of renewable energy
  • The role of robotics and AI
  • Creating an abundance for all
  • Addressing climate change through technology and engineering solutions
  • Putting our planet and people first over profit
  • Building an economic system within the carrying capacity of our resources

Media Featuers

Read about our speaking engagements below.