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Coding with Robots Workshop

Based on the BBC micro:bit and Maqueen robot

This is a beginner workshop that is designed to teach children the basics of coding and programming of robots. It is based on the micro:bit programming device developed by the BBC. The students will be given an introduction to the popular Microsoft MakeCode and Python programming languages.


We can deliver sessions in parallel.
1 instructor can deliver the following in a full day:
Primary: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins or
2 sessions x 2 hrs 30 mins
(30 students per session)
Secondary+: 3 sessions x 1 hr 30 mins or
2 sessions x 2 hrs 30 mins or
1 sessions x 5 hrs
(20 students per session)
Contact us for larger events.

Age Group

Y3 - Higher Education

Get Creative with the microbit


  • Code the LED display to show your name, smiley faces, flashlight sequences and more.
  • Code to use the accelerometer and thermometer sensors.
  • Code to build a compass

Code the Maqueen Robot


  • Learn basic robotics.
  • Code a gesture controlled robot.

Coding Programmes

makecode-microbit-programming micropython-programming

  • Primary and secondary school children will learn to use Microsoft Makecode.
  • We can also deliver this workshop with MicroPython or Javascript for more advanced learners.

Typical Workshop Day*

Usually, we will reset the session and repeat it for more groups of children on the same day. On occasions, we will end the day with a street-dance performance.

* The activities may vary on the day depending on the length of the workshops and the age and ability of the students.


Vidura visited our school with his ‘Coding with Robots’ workshop. The workshop was packed with scaffolded activities which lead the pupils through using code to control an LED display, incorporating sound, measuring the earth's gravitational field strength, and on to controlling a robot and obstacle avoidance. The workshop was very interactive and it provided our pupils with an insight into some of the applications of coding in the world today.

Georgia Wiseman, Carew Academy