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Guitar Workshops for Schools

Provided by Kids That Rock

Guitar music school workshops covering various topics

Kids That Rock provides dynamic and engaging educational guitar workshops for Key Stage 2 students, led by experienced tutor Matt Tidswell. Our workshops are carefully crafted to blend educational content with hands-on activities, ensuring your child gains valuable knowledge while having a blast. Offering options from whole school sessions to full-day classes, students learn guitar basics, music theory, and perform by the end of the session. Themes include exploring different music genres, world music rhythms, and looping technology, making each session a musical adventure filled with exciting activities.

We believe in nurturing every child’s unique talents and interests, sparking imagination, and encouraging them to dream big. Our workshops are designed to inspire young minds, develop creativity, critical thinking, and confidence along the way. We ensure an inclusive and accessible experience, welcoming children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Age Groups

Y1 - Y9


  • Available nationwide
  • Key stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Music PPA cover available
  • Wide range of musical genres explored (Classical, Blues, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Classic Rock and Pop, Swing, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Heavy Metal)
  • Highly experienced DBS checked facilitator
  • Playing music is highly beneficial to wellbeing
  • Teachers only, after school session available
Guitar teacher in classroom with children Girls playing guitar in school Students enjoying playing guitar

Workshop Options

The WHOLE of key stage 2!
This option allows many pupils to learn the basics of playing the guitar. Each one-hour session provides an introductory lesson without significantly impacting regular class time and can be conducted in the classroom.

One class for a full day, including performance!
This option is ideal for students in years 3–6. The class will learn to play several tunes, explore music theory, and perform for the school at the end of the day. Parents may attend at the school's discretion.

Two classes, half a day each.

Each class will master several tunes and explore fundamental music theory concepts. Pupils typically achieve a satisfactory guitar sound quickly, making our workshops inclusive for all skill levels without extensive practice requirements.

Music Topics

  • Tailored packages available for half/full day sessions based on your needs.
  • All workshops include guitar playing; options vary based on desired focus:
  • Multi music genre: Explore classical to pop, tracing music's evolution.
  • Guitar World Music: Discover diverse ethnic rhythms and melodies from around the globe.
  • Elements of music: Learn about harmony, melody, tempo, pitch, dynamics, and composition.
  • Lets Rock!: Play and perform popular rock and pop tunes for immediate engagement.
  • Looping: Create music using a Looping Station, akin to techniques used by professional artists like Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall, allowing children to build layered compositions.


Curriculum for Music

  • Composing: Explore creativity in music through chord progressions, melody, and lyrics, using a looping station for recording.
  • Improvising: Experiment with spontaneous musical creation, starting with simple wind instruments and progressing to guitar scales.
  • Playing: Focus on practical guitar skills, ensuring quick progress and a sense of achievement for all students.
  • Listening: Expose students to diverse music samples, including their own creations, fostering emotional expression and critical listening.
  • S.M.S.C.:
    • Spiritual: Use music to express emotions and feelings verbally.
    • Moral: Discuss ethical considerations in music creation and performance.
    • Social: Emphasise teamwork and unity through group playing.
    • Cultural: Explore global music traditions and genres, including the historical and cultural impact of music like the Blues.




Price: £550.00 (includes all equipment/travel costs to following areas)


  • Greater Manchester
  • Merseyside
  • West Midlands
  • Staffordshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Derbyshire
  • Nottingham
  • Shropshire
  • Other areas priced on request

Other areas are priced on request.

Subject to availability, the workshop runs throughout the year.

Workshop fee discounts are available for consecutive day bookings within the same area. (team up with local schools)

For a no obligation quote please enquire below.



“It was great to see year 8 and 9 students engaged in learning a new instrument and students who already knew how to play chords, still learning how to fingerpick and play individual pitches. It was an enjoyable day had by all. Matt was very encouraging and explained techniques clearly.”

Abbi Prentice (Music Teacher,), Lyndon School, (September 2021)

“Matt from Kids That Rock accommodated all of our needs and Year 6 absolutely loved their workshop! The children got so much from the day and left feeling inspired and excited – one staff member described the atmosphere as ‘absolutely buzzing with excitement’. Thank you so much Matt – we will be booking again!”

Jody Dingley (Assistant Headteacher), Whitgreave Primary, West Midlands (May 2021)

“Matt’s workshop was ACE! It was amazing to see the children so engaged in the lesson and I was impressed with how much they learnt in just one morning. Matt is a talented musician and is also very personable which made organising the day very easy. He delivered a brilliant workshop which linked to our topic, The USA. Our pupils felt extremely proud of themselves to be playing along to well-known tunes and also loved the ‘Name that Tune’ game. Many students were so inspired and eager to learn more, they have expressed an interest in guitar lessons. Thank you so much for such a great session!”

Amy French (Teacher), Lambs Lane Primary, Reading (November 2019)

“An enjoyable workshop delivered by an enthusiastic and talented musician. The Key Stage Two pupils at Ravens Academy enjoyed learning how to play and have even started to ask their parents for guitars for their Christmas presents”

Charley Minter (Deputy Head Teacher), Ravens Academy, Essex

“I loved the guitar” “We got to play a real instrument like a real musical man” “You had to play for 6 beats then wait for 8 seconds and the let the vibrations flow” “I liked playing the guitar the most”

Year 2 Pupils, Keeble Gateway Academy (November 2021)
About This Provider (Kids That Rock)
Whole Class Guitar Workshops with Kids That Rock
Head Office: Kids That Rock, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST7 8LA

NATIONWIDE - Whole Class Guitar Workshop! Just one session will result in the whole class playing guitar together! ALL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED. Up to 40 guitars can be supplied for workshop. A fresh, simple and fun way for the whole class to learn how to play guitar together. Step by step, we can learn to play along to modern pop and classic rock music that children and adults can relate to. Every pupil will play a part, regardless of ability, resulting in the whole class playing together as a band. VIEW Promotional Video at: https://youtu.be/J_5LaBt1SXM The Kids That Rock Guitar Workshop is designed to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and incorporates many musical elements within the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1,2 and 3. Led by a highly experienced guitar teacher, working with schools for over 15 years. Many testimonials and videos available on website.

Available Regions

Anywhere in England

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