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Gangs, Knife Crime & Joint Enterprise Workshops for Schools


Empowering Young People to navigate Gangs, Knife Crime & Joint Enterprise

Experience our dynamic Gangs, Knife Crime & Joint Enterprise workshop, designed to engage and educate young minds. Led by reformed ex-criminals and ex-gang members who are passionate about guiding today's youth, our sessions are creative, lively, and impactful. From immersive workshops to captivating theatre productions, we offer diverse formats to keep students engaged and inspired. Explore carousel days where pupils embark on a journey of discovery, stepping off their usual timetables to delve into a range of interactive experiences.

At KIP Education, we are dedicated to providing a safe space for young individuals to learn, reflect, and challenge their perspectives on gangs, knife crime, and joint enterprise. Join us in empowering the next generation to make positive choices and navigate challenges with confidence.


All of our sessions are extremely interactive and make use of film & imagery to show the reality of the issues being discussed. Sessions last up to an hour.

Age Groups

Y3 - Y13

County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation

  • Identify how criminals exploit young people
  • How County Lines works
  • Where you can get help if you think someone is involved
  • Explore a range of criminal case studies
  • How young people are groomed by gangs to get involved with County Lines
  • How County Lines and grooming works
  • How young people are trapped and then exploited

Gangs, Knife Crime & Joint Enterprise

  • The risks of involvement with street gangs
  • Exploring Joint Enterprise
  • Who is affected
  • What you can do
  • What help is available


Prices will vary depending on your requirements. Please submit an enquiry to obtain a quote.


“An excellent provider of PHSE workshops and presentations. Your knowledgeable and approachable manner was just what our students needed to get the point across; Our pupils have learned much from the sessions and I would highly recommend KIP Education.”

Mandy Francis, Reed's School, Kent
About This Provider (KIP EDUCATION)
KIP Education: Providing Comprehensive Mental Health and Prevention Workshops for Schools, Colleges and Youth Organisations
Head Office: KIP EDUCATION, London, Greater London, WD6 2DT

While many schools offer extensive programs, few provide comprehensive education on mental health, self-esteem, and prevention. Our aim is to address this gap with interactive workshops tailored to fit within one class period (60 mins). Focused primarily on youths' self-esteem and confidence, we tackle issues like mental health, sexual health, addiction, self-harm, knife-crime, gangs, bullying, anxiety, social media, and body changes. Our organisation actively educates school staff, parents, and students on mental health matters, employing a therapeutic approach to help adolescents navigate challenges both at school and home. Our workshops for KS1 & KS2 cover topics such as mindfulness, bullying (including cyberbullying), self-esteem, internet safety, and more. For KS3 and above, we delve into drug awareness, alcohol addiction, sex education, LGBTQ+ issues, and more. Using interactive tools and videos, our sessions are engaging and impactful. Contact us for more information.


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