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Information for Organising a STEM Club

To arrange a club at your school, please read the information below and contact us or write to us at office@vsteamedu.com. Please kindly note that we can currently provide STEM Clubs in Essex only. Please include the following details when you contact us:

  • The school’s name and postcode
  • The preferred day of the week for running the club
  • The number of expected children
  • The year groups


There is no cost to the school, and we provide all equipment. However, if the school can provide laptops/tablets for the coding sessions, that would be helpful. On-site parking is mandatory.

Year Groups

Our after-school clubs are currently available for primary schools (KS1 – KS2) only.

Session Contents

The content we deliver is taken from our full school day workshops which are all curriculum linked. We have 17 workshops which you can explore here. Please note that we will be delivering a shorter variation of the workshops during the club which will last 1hr. It is not possible to choose the workshops for the sessions. However, we will usually not repeat any workshops until we have delivered at least 15 different sessions at each school.

Club Capacity

We can accommodate up to 25 students per club session and require at least 10 students to host a club. If the number of students is fewer than 10, we may cancel the club. We will refund all bookings if the club is cancelled. It is usually a good idea for the school to conduct a survey to get an idea of how many students would be interested in attending one of our clubs.

Cost and Sessions

We typically deliver our clubs in sequence of 5 – 15 weeks. We will take upfront payment from parents for the entire sequence before the first session. The sessions are £10 per session per child. As an example, a sequence of 6 weeks would cost £60.00. It is not possible to book individual sessions. Children can still be registed after the sequence of sessions has started however, the would still need to pay the full amount. A sequence of 6 weeks is our preferred duration as it means the parents can spread the cost of the club during the school terms.


Each club session lasts 1hr and is typically delivered straight after school ends to maximise attendance.

Handling Bookings

We can take all bookings online. We will create a club pack on our STEM Clubs booking page here. The school can then send a notification to parents to book on our website. Alternatively, the school can also take the payments and we can then invoice the school. Our preferred option would be to take the payments online via our website as it minimises the admin for both us and the school.


We can provide the school with a registration link and STEM club advert with all relevant booking details to distribute to parents.
Example Registration Link - Click Here
Example Advert - Click Here


We will provide the school with the list of student registrations before the first session.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Our STEM Clubs' booking terms and conditions for student registrations can be found here.