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Ancient Egypt History Workshops for Schools

Amazing Egyptian History Workshop for Primary Schools

Amazing Ancient Egyptian Workshops with MR EGYPT a full day covering 3,100 years of history, all aspects of Egyptian culture, in the land of the pharaohs are brought to life in this immersive action packed day, heirogliphics, maths egyptian learning, gods and godesses, mummy wrapping, handling real artifacts. Tutankharmun and his discovery and treasures all brought to life for the children, UK wide coverage, for years 3-6 primary from one class to 130 children on the day. The day closely follows cross cirriculum teaching.


9am till break in hall, after break hall till 11.20am classrooms till lunch time, hall all afternoon till home time

Age Groups

Y3 - Y6, Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Ancient Egypt for Children Workshops

Fully Interactive Day Include:

  • Life and Times in Ancient Egypt
  • Ka and Merit Famous Ordinary Egyptians
  • Tutankhamun His Life, Discovery, Treasures and the Pharaoh's Curse
  • The Pyramids, Valley of the Kings
  • Hieroglyphs and Maths Class Learning
  • Factual Stories, Music, Dancing Mummy Wrapping, Artefacts Real for the Children to Touch and Hold the Past
  • Geographical exploration of ancient Egypt
  • Explore into daily life as an ancient Egyptian child
  • Exploring family dynamics, attire, cuisine, recreation, music, and beliefs
  • Discovery of Kha and Merit's tomb
  • Decoding hieroglyphs and exploring ancient math
  • Engaging with religion, afterlife beliefs, and mummification rituals
  • Tales of pharaohs like Tutankhamun and Cleopatra
  • Marvels of pyramid construction
  • Significance of the Valley of the Kings
  • Amusing anecdotes for a rich, entertaining learning experience
  • Culminating in a prize-giving ceremony
Ancient Egypt artifacts Ancient Egypt engravings Ancient Egypt family members

Day Overview

Explore sandals of an ancient Egyptian child and experience a day like no other, filled with wonder and discovery. Through a series of engaging activities, your pupils will explore the rich history and culture of Ancient Egypt, spanning over 5000 years.

Led by the personas of Kha and Meryt, students will uncover the intriguing story of Howard Carter and Tutankhamun's tomb, learning about the treasures that lay hidden for centuries. With hands-on experiences, they'll decode hieroglyphs, gaining insight into the language and writing of this ancient civilisation.

This immersive day includes history, geography, mathematics, and language in a seamless mix of learning and fun. From the majestic Pharaohs to the awe-inspiring pyramids, they'll journey through the ancient wonders of Egypt, guided by anecdotes and lighthearted tales from the past.

And of course, no day in Ancient Egypt would be complete without a mummy wrapping contest! Watch as your pupils compete to wrap the perfect mummy, embracing the traditions of the afterlife in a playful and engaging way.

With references from galleries and authentic artifacts, this interactive workshop experience will leave a lasting impression, sparking curiosity and inspiring imaginations.

Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Links


Prices will vary depending on your requirements. Please submit an enquiry below to obtain a quote.


Our excitement filled Year 3&4 welcomed a special visitor, Mr. Egypt, from Luxor, this week. With the knowledge to many tombs in the Valley of the Kings, Mr. Egypt shared the wonders of ancient Egypt with 100 eager children. The entire day was a whirlwind of learning as the children explored real artifacts, some thousands of years old, transporting them to a world of pharaohs and pyramids. Fascinating stories of Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, and Howard Carter captured their imaginations. The mysterious curse surrounding Carter's great discovery added an extra thrill to their learning. Fun activities let the children experience ancient Egyptian customs firsthand. They wrapped themselves in linen bandages (toilet roll), mimicking mummification,

Richard Bunce, Copmanthorpe School York

What can I say? The Egyptian day was stunning! Phil was captivating, mesmerising and amazing with the children. They were hooked. Little did I know, when I booked Phil, how the day would be. The knowledge and information was first hand from Egypt and fascinating. The activities were great too! It is safe to say that this was the best day of my teaching career and whilst this sounds like a big statement, it is very true. The children benefited so much and we shall definitely be booking again. As a person, the children adored him. His humour was brilliant and it was a brilliant day! Thank you!

Emma Nicols, Barnston Primary School Wirral

Mr Egypt provided an engaging and informative day when he came to Parsonage Farm. All the children and staff involved found the information fascinating and did not want the day to end. Mr Egypt's first hand knowledge was great and this really got the children excited. The artefacts that we were shown and allowed to look at and touch really made the day hands on and exciting. We hope to have Mr Egypt back next year to share more interesting stories and facts with us all about Ancient Egypt. Thank you again.

Charlotte Bessent, Parsonage Farm Havering School

"Thank you so much for coming into our school and sharing your wonderful, hands on experience of Ancient Egypt with us. It was an absolutely fantastic day and had all the children (and teachers) on the edge of our seats listening to your wonderful stories and engaging workshops. The fact that you have been involved in so many excavations and brought real artifacts with you that you have been involved with discovering meant so much to the children. They have not stopped talking about you - you really did make quite an impression. As teachers we all went into the day thinking we knew quite a lot about Ancient Egypt ourselves, having all taught it before. We were wrong!! :-)

Melanie Smith, Local School

Hi MR EGYPT Thank you so much for coming in last week it's was a brilliant day. The children were engaged all day and loved hearing all the facts from someone who had experienced it first hand with wonderful artefacts and so much more. That have been talking about it for days and the feedback from parents has been excellent they have enjoyed hearing all about it from the children. We will definitely remember to book you for next year.

Gemma Soffe, Downley School



MR EGYPTS AMAZING ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WORKSHOPS Children experience a day of fun, learning and understanding what life was like in the ancient world, let us go on a journey of discovery starting with the ancient world Then with them, growing up in Ancient Egypt, we will interactively look at, Culture, Clothing, Makeup, Food, Dancing, Music, Play, Games and so much more, even sharing together an Egyptian Breakfast of flat bread. The story of Ka and Meryt, ordinary famous Ancient Egyptians, the discovery of their tomb. We learn about the religion, the Gods and Goddesses, their importance to daily life and the afterlife. Children will learn how to translate Hieroglyphics, Writing Skills, Papyrus, Inks, Scribes and the importance of the how we discovered how to unlock the code to this fantastic ancient writing. the Valley of the Kings, Tutankhamun, and Howard Carters story. Pharaohs , Queens, pyramids, a fun filled day.



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